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From one sheet of paper to tons of paper

How to define paper
I think it depends on the person, but We consider it a “cultural bearer”.

Since ancient times, bamboo slips have been used.
Then paper was invented, Since then, we human culture I have inherited it.

Bunshodo was founded in 1919.

It is a trading company that handles such paper.

Newspapers, leaflets and catalogs, “Paper” used for copy paper, etc.

Cardboard and “Paperboard” used for packaging sweets, etc.

From customers in various industries
I would like to talk about a variety of stories,
We will resolve all inquiries regarding paperboard,
We are working with such pride.

Bunshodo, which celebrated its 100th anniversary,
Thank you for your continued support.

Company Information

About Bunshodo

  1. About Bunshodo

    About Bunshodo

  2. Message to Our Readers

    Message to Our Readers

  3. Company Information

    Company Information

  4. Partner banks, sales outlets, and suppliers

    Partner banks, sales outlets, and suppliers

Our Products

Products and Manufacturer

  1. Containerboard


    Not only the basic function of protecting products, but also the aspect of “sales promotion function” that makes consumers aware of the characteristics of products is required.We propose high-quality cardboard with strong appeal.

  2. Cardboard


    Paperboard naturally blends into our lives, such as candy packages and paper plates.Because it is the first part that consumers see, we will plan from the base paper stage with careful consideration.

  3. Printing paper

    Printing paper

    Western paper used for book texts and catalogs.We analyze photographs and pictures and suggest which material of paper should be used to reach the maximum number of people.

  4. その他


    We use eco-pulp and handle eco-friendly copy paper “BS series”.

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