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Miura-ori (Miura Fold)

International Attention for a Japanese Invention

Dr. Koryo Miura, aerospace structure designer, professor emeritus at Tokyo University, and professor emeritus at the MEXT Institute of Space and Astronautical Science, was the mastermind behind a folding method that allows for easy opening and closing of a basically flat object--a design also used in photovoltaic panels.

Miura-ori (Miura Fold)1

The method was dubbed "Miura-ori" (or the "Miura fold") and got its start after Dr. Miura presented his thesis at the 1970 IASS Symposium, sparking the use of origami paper folding techniques in space experiment models. The Miura fold, with its beauty and precisely designed waste-free structure, is an example of the practical application of research results. By holding opposite corners of the folded object, a quick pull spreads it out to its full, flat structure, which can then be quickly reversed to return to the original shape. Further practical applications are in progress in several fields, all making use of the (pocket-sized) portability and convenience that the technique provides.

Miura-ori (Miura Fold)2

Moreover, the Miura fold's origami structure is being utilized in aerospace applications, including Space Shuttle solar panels, the large antennae of the Haruka solar system exploration satellite, and other space structures. Near future applications are slated to include use in the design of "solar yachts." The technique has garnered international attention as a Japanese invention, with interest from various international academic societies, as well as magazine and TV coverage.
As a marketer of products using the Miura fold, Bunshodo is actively promoting this innovative idea.

Miura-ori (Miura Fold)3

Folding portability and storage
Full sheet interconnected folding (i.e., no hinges)
Opening and closing just by pulling or pushing
Sheet size has (uninterrupted) area due to full interconnection
Sheets can be folded in vertical or horizontal planes
Sheets can have diverse sizes and shapes
Nimble and natural expansion and closure
Folding joints can open to 180º
No damage or breakage to folds due to expansion/closure
Maps for tourism, events, geography
Folding pamphlets
Oversized posters
Point-of-purchase handouts/fliers
Magazine inserts
Appointment calendars
Cooking recipes
Large maps/facility guide posters
Picture books for animals, birds, plants, etc.
Large folding cards/sheets
Fashion catalogs
CD inserts
Portable manuals/instruction booklets

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